Michał Lach

Front-End Developer
Schibsted Tech Polska.

HTML5, CSS3, Angular.JS Developer
Web Development Enthusiast.

Contact: kontakt@michal-lach.pl



Goals that are set by the Association of Shipowners yacht is sailing along the lines of the liberalization of the Swedish or British.

They believe that the company on your own yacht can sail without administrative barriers, rigors and restrictions. They would also like to technology and civilization sailing conditions in Poland satisfy the requirements of the present day. They will pursue these objectives by any statutory means.

In addition, we want to integrate and combine shipowner environment, enable the exchange of tips, common swimming, meeting at sea.

Created while working for Pixlab.pl.

Technologies used:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • LESS.js
  • Facebook API
  • Javascript
  • jQuery

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